The Puzzle Editor


I am currently creating new puzzles for the Zirkel update which hopefully will be ready very soon. For this I use my custom editor. During early development I worked on puzzles without actually seeing their layout on screen. Instead, I sketched ideas on paper and manually translated the ring coordinates and other properties to a nested text list … Continue reading The Puzzle Editor

Press Review

Here is a list of articles about Zirkel. I am proud of every mention. What they all have in common is that the reviewers liked the game! „Entspannend? Nur auf den ersten Blick.“ „Your love of puzzles will be set aflame with Zirkel“ „Diese Puzzle-Neuerscheinung setzt auf meditatives Gameplay“ „Tolles Puzzle … Continue reading Press Review

A Story?

story small

It might sound ridiculous but at one point I was developing the idea of creating a background story for Zirkel. The synopsis would be: You watch the nightly sky and see a star blinking. Player taps on the star. As you travel towards it you find out that it is actually a small galaxy with … Continue reading A Story?

The Style

flames square

From the beginning I knew how Zirkel would *not* look like: cartoonish or realistic. I knew from the start that I would use an iconic style and wanted to keep it simple but also show some depth and create an interesting atmosphere. Chapter themes After I decided to introduce one new game element in every chapter … Continue reading The Style

The Icon

1 small

I am often told that the Zirkel icon is similar to the Yin Yang sign. I do not reject the idea, but the resemblance is not intentional. It „just happened“ along the way and I did not even notice it myself. The idea for the icon was very simple: show what the game is about. The … Continue reading The Icon

The Gameplay

Zirkel mechanics

So, how does the gameplay of ZIRKEL work? The mechanics are fairly easy: Each puzzle is composed of at least two rings. On each ring a flame is positioned. A flame is either big and moving or small and standing still. The goal of each puzzle is to grow all small flames and get them … Continue reading The Gameplay

The Blog


<fanfare> WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL ZIRKEL BLOG! </fanfare> Alright, I admit it: I put up this blog as a marketing tool. When you search for „indie game marketing“ you find myriads of sites with tips and advice. One top recommendation: you need a blog! You gotta have a blog! So here it is. But this … Continue reading The Blog