The Gameplay

So, how does the gameplay of ZIRKEL work?

The mechanics are fairly easy: Each puzzle is composed of at least two rings. On each ring a flame is positioned. A flame is either big and moving or small and standing still. The goal of each puzzle is to grow all small flames and get them into perpetual motion.
When you tap a ring with a small flame, the flame will start to move, but only for one round, before it stands still again. But if the flame touches a big flame on its way, it will grow and keep moving.

Here are captures of the very first puzzle:

Zirkel mechanics
When the left ring is tapped with the right timing, its flame will eventually touch the other one and grow.
Zirkel mechanics
Here the left ring is tapped with the wrong timing. Its flame misses the other, big, flame and stops after one round.

To make sure you do not just tap the rings at random in hope to succeed, the second chapter introduces a rating system. In each puzzle you can reach three stars. For every failed attempt to let flames collide you lose one star. Stars are needed later to unlock new chapters and progress in the game.

After a while additional rules are introduced. Flames move in different directions, clockwise or counter clockwise. Rings can have different sizes. Some flames have a different speed. And in the last chapter rings even change their positions. Last but not least there are a few puzzles with a time limit. (Which is only started when you tap the first ring, so you can take your time to observe the puzzle before.)

I tried to keep the amount of rules and the complexity of the mechanics at a minimum while still being able to create diverse puzzles and some interesting challenges.

Once ZIRKEL is out, you can judge for yourself if I succeeded! :)

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