A Story?

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It might sound ridiculous but at one point I was developing the idea of creating a background story for Zirkel. The synopsis would be: You watch the nightly sky and see a star blinking. Player taps on the star. As you travel towards it you find out that it is actually a small galaxy with … Continue reading A Story?

The Style

flames square

From the beginning I knew how Zirkel would *not* look like: cartoonish or realistic. I knew from the start that I would use an iconic style and wanted to keep it simple but also show some depth and create an interesting atmosphere. Chapter themes After I decided to introduce one new game element in every chapter … Continue reading The Style

The Icon

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I am often told that the Zirkel icon is similar to the Yin Yang sign. I do not reject the idea, but the resemblance is not intentional. It „just happened“ along the way and I did not even notice it myself. The idea for the icon was very simple: show what the game is about. The … Continue reading The Icon