A Story?

It might sound ridiculous but at one point I was developing the idea of creating a background story for Zirkel. The synopsis would be:
You watch the nightly sky and see a star blinking. Player taps on the star. As you travel towards it you find out that it is actually a small galaxy with many stars which have lost their light. You visit one star after another and ignite them again (the stars are the puzzles). When you are finished with a galaxy, you can give it a name and travel to the next one.

An early mockup of how the galaxies would look like. It is basically the chapter selection.

I eventually decided against a background story. It just felt cheesy and out of place, so I was not confident to tell and illustrate it.

What is left from this backstory are the themes of the different chapters. I think that there is still some kind of narrative but only told through the major game mechanics, the visuals and of course the music.

I do like the naming part though. It has no impact on the game progress at all but it personalizes the experience a bit. I imagine people would come up with lots of ways to name „their“ galaxies, from pet names, to friends, to simply „Dickbutt Master Chief“. Maybe I will use this in another work.

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