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Here is a list of articles about Zirkel. I am proud of every mention. What they all have in common is that the reviewers liked the game! „Entspannend? Nur auf den ersten Blick.“ „Your love of puzzles will be set aflame with Zirkel“ „Diese Puzzle-Neuerscheinung setzt auf meditatives Gameplay“ „Tolles Puzzle spielt mit Augenmaß, Timing und Feuer“ „“ (Interview) „Ein rundes iOS-Puzzle-Erlebnis“ „Zirkel to 70 łamigłówek wymagających idealnego wyczucia czasu“ „A geometric puzzle about contemplation“

As you can see, most of these sites are German, and only one is from the US. Germany is also the country with the most downloads. I will write a post about the numbers so far in the coming days.

It was hard  to spark interest in Zirkel. I have contacted more than 70 websites (not exclusively games). Three of them made the above list. The other on this list contacted me after the release (which made me even happier). Most responses that I got on my emails where offers for ads or even „featured“ (= bought) reviews. I would really like to find out what I could have done better because there are so many variables at play: timing, email text, presentation of the app, etc. I still haven’t lost hopes that maybe some US site might write about Zirkel in the future but as Zirkel is not „fresh“ anymore I know chances are thin.

Anyway, I thank every one who took the time to review Zirkel!

btw. If you know of any review that is not in this list, please let me know here! I will mention you here also :)

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