Coming Updates

Zirkel is out more than two weeks and it’s time to plan for an update :)

The topics of the update can be grouped into three types:


The new chapter "Pulse"
Now what will this be about?

There will be one new chapter, so ten new puzzles. The title of the chapter is „Pulse“ and it will add a new game element which should make for some interesting and challenging puzzles!


As far as I know from testing and feedback, nothing in Zirkel is broken. There are a few tiny things to fix in the background though (read: boring stuff–but hey, someone’s gotta do it :) )

Gameplay options

I think that the rules of Zirkel are well balanced. But I heard that for some people the levels with time limits are too challenging and block them from progressing in the game. In one particular case, a therapist from a mental health facility contacted me. He uses Zirkel in his work with his patients (which I find really inspiring!) but the time limits seem to be a real problem there and I want to provide a solution.
I am not yet sure how I will implement this, maybe it will be a menu with several options. A tricky question is where to place it because I do not want it to be too prominent. If people look for this because they have problems with the game, they should find it, but the incentive should be to play Zirkel in its normal configuration.

I will start working on the update the coming week and it should not take too long. If you have any suggestions, let me know! Use the comments, mail to or tweet @zirkelgame !

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