Zirkel Press Kit

Game key facts:

Contact & promo key: press@zirkelgame.com

Let me show you something new

Zirkel is a new kind of puzzle game. Players connect flames which move on different rings by touching them.

Based on this simple mechanic and a few additional rules Zirkel creates increasingly complex geometric systems for the player to solve. But no rush: the game gives you all the time you need. Zirkel is not a hectic experience but a game about contemplation and observation.

The graphics and sound design of Zirkel add greatly to this. They create a world which is abstract and indistinct but also has depth and atmosphere.

Because Zirkel is a premium applet, no ads or IAPs distract from this experience.


About the developer

I am Marc-André Weibezahn. I am a freelance interaction designer and developer, located in a small city in Germany. My first iOS game was Kryzer in 2009. I also made Thingy Blox HD for iPad in 2010. You find my other projects on my main site at weibezahn.com

I am a one man show most of the time, but for Zirkel I had important help from other people which created music and SFX, tested the game and gave feedback and inspiration.